2019-2021 Committees, Task Forces & Representatives

Constitution and Bylaws Committee
This Committee shall review these by-laws every six years. It may also entertain any motions to alter the by-laws triggered by the membership and the executive board

Momin Siddiqui (chair)
Claire Michael
Laura Tabatabai
Matthew A. Zarka

Scientific Program Committee
This Committee shall be responsible for design, organization, and conduct of the scientific meetings and other educational efforts of the Society. This committee will also seek to develop, submit proposal, and obtain feedback of companion scientific programs and/or presentations at various national and regional pathology societies, including:

Companion Scientific Session at USCAP Annual Meeting
Companion Educational Lunch Session at ASC
Companion Scientific Session at ASCP
Collaborate in Annual Papanicolaou Cytopathology Course- as needed

Lester Layfield (Chair)
Andre Moreira
David Chhieng
Sara Monaco
Matthew Zarka
Liron Pantanowitz
Zubair Baloch

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee shall consist of at least two (2) immediate Past-Presidents of the Society. The most immediate Past-President of the Society shall be the Chair of this Committee. The Nominating Committee shall submit the names of nominees to offices elected by the membership (President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and members at large positions). Nominees for President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer should have preferably served on the Board of Directors. Any member of the Society may submit nominations to this Committee for consideration. The Nominating Committee shall make its recommendations to the Board of Directors at least ninety (90) days before the Annual Meeting at which they are to be considered.

The Nominating Committee shall make at least two (2) nominations for President-Elect and at least one (1) nomination for each of the remaining positions on the Board of Directors eligible to be filled by vote of the voting members.

The report of the Nominating Committee will be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to the next Annual Meeting to the voting membership, and election will be by majority vote of the voting members by mail/Fax/e-mail ballot.

David Chhieng (Chair)
Tarik Elsheikh
Zubair Baloch
Phillip Vielh
Andrew Field

L.C. Tao Educator of the Year and Yolanda Oertel Interventional Cytopathologist Awards Committee

Barbara Centeno (Chair)
Claire Michael
Britt-Marie Ljung
Fernando Schmitt

Budget and Finance Committee
The committee shall work with the Treasurer to ensure the financial stability of PSC. Receive requests for budget allocations from PSC Committees and Task Forces. Prepares an annual budget for the ensuing year for review and approval by the Board of Directors. Recommend to the Board of Directors change in fees for the membership in collaboration with the chair of membership committee. Submit a financial report to the Board of Directors. Annually report on the finding of the end-of-year audit by a Certified Public Accountant.

David Chhieng (Chair)
Tarik Elsheikh
Oscar Lin

Research Committee
The committee obtains from USCAP a listing of abstract proposals that have been already accepted by USCAP for its annual national meeting.The Committee reviews and scores/ranks abstracts submitted by first authors in training in the category of “Cytopathology”. The research committee chooses a “first place” and “second place” research awards to pathologists-in-training (residents and fellows) at USCAP meeting, on an annual basis.

Longwen Chen (Chair)
Neda Zarrin-Khah
Stephen Schmechel
Sarah Bean
Scott Anderson
Fadi Salem
Sara Monaco
Quisheng Si

International Scientific Program and Relations Committee
This committee will focus on developing companion scientific programs with international pathology societies and organizations. It will also foster strong relationships with pathology organizations as well as organizations which focus on providing / improving the quality of much needed basic cytology screening services and education.

Zubair Baloch (Co chair)
Fernando Schmitt (Co chair)
Andrew Field
Matthew Zarka
David Chhieng
Binnur Onal
Mauro Saieg
Esther Diana Rossi

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee shall perform such duties as directed by the Board of Directors to increase membership roster and further the Society’s goals of its members. The committee shall screen and approve new members and will work closely with the secretary treasurer to keep and maintain an updated list of all the paid members of the society. This committee is also in-charge of making sure that all paid members have access (print and online) to the current and the future line up of journals affiliated with PSC.

Claire Michael (Co-chair, USA and Canada)
Esther Diana Rossi, MD (Co-chair, International)
Momin Siddiqui
Aparna Harbhajanka
Alessandra Schmitt

Education and Training Task Force
This committee evaluates the effectiveness of the overall PSC CME and CE Programs with scientific program committee and international scientific program committee. The members of this committee are also responsible for soliciting educational content for pathology trainees (residents and fellows) for the PSC website cases of the month.

Laura Tabatabai (Chair)
Rita Abi Raad
Magda Esebua
Nancy Greenland
Dianne Grunes
Carlie Siegel
Kent Truong
Zesong Zhang