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The thyroid web atlas contains 300 images of key thyroid lesions in an easy-to-search format. All images have been independently reviewed and approved by the committee members.

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These images are intended for educational purposes and may be freely used for such as long as the Papanicolaou Society and the Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology is credited.

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"pavementing" "pseudopapillary (azzopardi (chronic (cracking, (diff (hashimoto's) (hashimoto) (hashimotos) (inci) (insular) (ptc (subacute) - 5 6 8 _carcinoma _carcinoma, abundant acellular adenocarcinoma adenoma adenoma, adenomatoid adenomatoid, adenomatous air amyloid amyloid, anaplastic anaplastic, and anisonucleosis artifact artifact) atypia atypia, atypical atypical, aus aus, autoimmune, b b-cell based based, benign benign, bfn, block blood blood, body body, breast bronchoalveolar bubble carcinoma carcinoma, carcinoma/poorly castle cell cells cells, cellular cellular_sheet cellularity center, change chromatin chronic classic, clot colloid colloid, colonic columnar cracking, crowded crush cv) cv), cv): cyst cyst, cystic cystic_variant differentiated diffuse disease disease, disordered drying duct effect) elements end_caps endcap endcaps epithelium esophageal features, fibrous flame flame_cell, flat fluid flus, fna follicular folllicular for frozen gastric germinal giant giant_cell giemsa goiter goiter, granuleshronic granulomatous grave's graves groove grooves grooves, group hashimoto's hashimoto's, hashimoto, hashimotos hemolysis,non-diagnostic hemosiderin histiocytes histocytosis histology hot hurthle hyalinizing hypercellular hyperplasia hyperplasia" hyperplasia, i in inci inclusion inclusions inclusions, insular intermediate, intranuclear keratinizing langhans large lining liquid low low_power lymphocyte lymphocytes lymphocytic lymphoma lymphoma, macrofollicle macrofollicles. macrophage malignancy malignant malt medullary medullary, merkel metastatic metastatic, microfollicle microfollicular mixed mucoepidermoid multinucleated muscle neoplasm neuroendocrine neuroendocrine, nhl, no nodule nodule, non-diagnostic non-diagnostic, non-hodgkin nuclear nuclei nucleoli obscuring of on oncocytes oncocytes, orphan_annie overlap overlapping pane papillae papillary papillary_carcinoma pattern pavementing, pearl plasmacytoid poorly post powdery powdery_chromatin power power, precipitated preparation primary prostate psammoma pseudo pseudoinclusion pseudoinclusion, pseudoinclusions pseudoinclusions, psuedoinclusion ptc quik). radioiodine rcc, reactive renal reparative result ring scenario section section, sft, sheets sheets, signet significance significance, skeletal solitary spindle squamous stain, streaking susp suspicious suspicious, tall tcv): thick thinprep thinprep, thinprep® thinprep®, thyoid thyroditis thyroglossal thyroid thyroiditis thyroiditis) thyroiditis, tingible trabecular tumor ultrasound uncertain uncertain, undetermined undifferentiated, unsatisfactory unsatisfactory, variant variant, watery window with without
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